19 Feb 2021

Samsung S20 and Note 20 Broken Screen Repair

The Budget Computer agency is one of the best service providers in New Zealand to carry out critical services like Samsung S20 and Note 20 Broken Screen Repair services. As you know broken screens aren’t completely repairable
15 Oct 2020

Huawei Broken Screen Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

The Budget Computers Company is one of the best service providers for Huawei Broken Screen Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand available users and clients on a larger basis. The company has a brilliant experience when it comes
17 Aug 2020

Laptop Screen and Logic Board Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

Laptops have become one of the major parts of everybody’s life. They are easily portable and can be taken from one place to another very easily. All the parts of the laptop are very delicate so the
12 Feb 2020

Samsung Logic Board Repair Centre in Hamilton New Zealand

Consult any repair center in Hamilton for top-rated services. One-stop for all Logic board issues Whatever your trouble, irrespective of how large or small magnitude, the dedicated sales and customer service executives will provide a competitive and
12 Feb 2020

Samsung Note 10 Plus Broken Screen Repair

Friends and memories, Music and images, News and media – You rely on your Samsung Note 10 phone for everything, and when it’s out of order, unfortunately, so are you. You can trust the services With the
15 Jan 2020

Samsung Note 9 Broken Screen Repair

Samsung’s Note lineup is the flagship-grade Smartphones which is packed with the best features that a Smartphone of this trend needs. Besides, the stylus on the phone also provides some incredible tweaks that no other phone can
15 Jan 2020

Samsung S9 and S9 Plus Cracked Screen Repair

Samsung s9 and s9 plus were the best flagship phones of their time with the immersive OLED displays, an efficient processor and incredible performance. But the screens of these flagship phones are hardly replaceable with the original
10 Dec 2019

Repair Laptop Hinge at Reasonable Cost

The hinges of a laptop are made from a low-cost metal. They are not durable and face wear and tear when the laptop is opened and closed. Budget Computer provides the services of Laptop Broken Hinge Repair
10 Dec 2019

Obtain a Proper Repair for Laptop & IPad

Many people own a laptop instead of desktop computers. Laptops are portable and can be taken anywhere. A new laptop works fine but with time many problems can occur like battery not charging properly, unexpected shutdown, slow
12 Nov 2019

The Best Pick in Service Centers for Repairing Your Computer and Macbooks in Hamilton New Zealand

Having a computer or Macbook can be an essential asset to enhance your potential besides fulfilling all your requirements in the day to day life. Nowadays, every official work starting from the letters, project works and research