27 Apr 2017

Why Is My Computer Slow And How To Fix It

There is nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer or waiting for your slow computer to work through a simple task. An old and tired computer can be really frustrating that can sour your mood and negatively
17 Apr 2017

5 Important Tips To Shield Your Smartphones From Getting Hacked Or Damaged

Smartphones are the gadgets of the new millennium. Anyone and everyone has a smartphone in their hands almost all the time. The smartphone is one gadget that has become the most important part of our life now.
12 Apr 2017

samsung galaxy s7 edge charging port replacement

samsung galaxy s7 edge charging port replacement in hamilton Samsung has improved quality and durability of their samsung phone charging ports over the years. Samsung galaxy s7 edge charging port replacement is not as easy as on
2 Apr 2017

samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 glass screen replacement

samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 glass screen replacement in hamilton waikato After iPhone most popular phones are samsung galaxy series. If it breaks down or glass is cracked samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 glass screen replacement bring
20 Mar 2017

Hacks To Preserve The Longevity Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

Smartphones have become a necessity of today’s life. One cannot imagine a day without the smartphone! From social media to instant messaging apps to Googling information, smartphones are the handiest product for people of all generations. But
14 Mar 2017

laptop keyboard replacement

laptop keyboard replacement in hamilton Older model laptop keyboard replacement is perfect for a DIY repair. Newer laptop with backlight on the keyboard is bit tricky to replace keyboard. If keyboard on your laptop has stopped working
9 Mar 2017

laptop water damaged repair

laptop water damaged repair hamilton Laptops are our part of lives. It is very common your laptop get water or liquid damaged. If any of your electronic got liquid damaged do not try turning on. Liquid is conductive
2 Mar 2017

3 Factors That Leads To Laptop Screen Replacement

  Laptops have occupied an important place in both a human’s personal as well as professional life. These are the doorway to business, entertainment, and stacks of information. But, a problem with the screen can lead to
1 Mar 2017

How To Extend The Life Of Your Computer

  Computers are a long time investment. To take proper care of it is essential as computers are not inexpensive. Computer forms an important part of our daily life and proper maintenance is required to keep intact
28 Feb 2017

4 Common Myths About Computer Repair Debunked

  You may or may not have heard the myths about computer repair. For instance, you probably can’t get a reputable computer repair job without certification or viruses can damage your phone physically or that macs are