16 Feb 2018

samsung j7 pro broken screen repair in hamilton

samsung j7 pro broken screen repair in hamilton Professional samsung j7 pro broken screen repair in hamilton at budget computer hamilton. samsung galaxy is the most popular series of samsung smart phones. But after galaxy series next
27 Jan 2018

Your SmartPhone is Incomplete Without These Must-Have Accessories

Smartphones are one such advanced and tech -savvy device that everyone is addicted to. People nowadays can’t even imagine their lives without the smartphone. They are pocket-size small power houses in themselves. If there is something that
19 Jan 2018

4 most common galaxy s8 problems

One of the most anticipated smartphone of samsung is finally released this year and no wonder it has gained the market it was expected to grab in earlier predictions. The edgy corners, infinity display, smooth interface has
12 Jan 2018

3 Ways Through Which You Can Extend Laptop Life

Technology made life easier than it was used to be, now every task can be accomplished right from your home through laptop. Now, purchasing a laptop is not a big concern as there are wide range of
5 Jan 2018

6 Smart Tips to keep your Smartphone Virus free

Smartphones are one of essential asset for everyone nowadays. With the help of broad range of smartphones and mobile devices, you can carry your entire world in your pocket. The safety and security of your smartphone should
26 Dec 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Broken Phone Screen With Original Samsung Screens

If you are looking for a damage repair of your broken Samsung screen, then, you should know some facts about screen repair before buying the service. We, at Budget Computer provide you the best screen repair service
15 Dec 2017

Samsung galaxy s6 edge : what curved screen means

Finally, Samsung decided to change the game by modifying design of the smartphone  adding edge on both side of the device. The edge version is not only different in context to design but it is whole new
8 Dec 2017

5 misconception of phone repair

Our lives revolve around smartphone, a single thought of damage even for a second make a mess inside our brain. I heard people and their “myths” about the repair industry and repairing process. The technology has gone
1 Dec 2017

Macbook pro touchbar: worth your money or not?

Whenever something new come up in the market, the first thing that we as a user do is compare the device with the previous versions of it or the other brands product in the market. Apple has
24 Nov 2017

4 things you should be doing to your computer on a regular basis

Machines play pivotal role in running our daily life smoothly. A single day without  computer stop everything around which our life revolves. If you want your computer to give better performance and stays for long amount of