3 Ways Through Which You Can Extend Laptop Life

Technology made life easier than it was used to be, now every task can be accomplished right from your home through laptop. Now, purchasing a laptop is not a big concern as there are wide range of options available varying from lower to higher price.
Every machine need maintenance for its long and smooth running. Same it is with laptops, you need to be very careful in order to get most out of it.
The advancement reached the height where everything became faster and better. Still, it doesn’t imply one can use the laptop in any way and in return will get longer life in worst scenario also.

There are certain ways through which you can increase your laptop life. Here look at some effective expert ways which will help you in achieving better performance from laptop :

1. Breathing space

Machines need ventilation same like humans to breathe and give a better performance to its user. If you do not give your laptop a space to drain out the heat then it will start causing various of problems at once. Heating can even lead to dangerous circumstances like machine explosion.
Gaming laptops are usually equipped with multiple fans that throw out all the heat outside easily. If you do not keep fans in it then most probably it will reduce the performance of your laptop which will start lagging when you use certain app or play game in it.
The basic laptop works same in this manner, they also generate heat when you do not give them a space to eliminate the heat. So, always install fan or two in the device as per your usage to prevent the issue. If you have pc then once in awhile open the cpu and clean every part carefully.

2. Make essential upgrades

Sometimes you may need to upgrade the computer in order to make the performance of your laptop smoother. With time, technology changes which ultimately affect all the other aspects which are related to it. For eg- if your job is to do graphic designing then maybe it is possible that after sometime the software of particular brand you use will need higher version of technology for its running. If in case, you run the software on your current version then there is possibility that your laptop performance will get reduced and end up getting damaged internally.

So upgrade after every interval in order to stay updated with the technology. Ram and hard disk are one of the most common upgrades which one can be made easily.

3. Take precautions with the battery

Battery is the first thing which goes down if it is not maintained properly. You need to be very careful and attentive for the battery as the whole laptop depends on it. There are several ways through which you can maintain the battery and extend its life :-

  • Once in awhile, remove the battery and clean it inside out
  • Keep power saving mode on always
  • Don’t make it go below 20 percent
  • Remove the cable when the battery is full
  • Take out the battery sometimes when laptop is not in use

A regular maintenance of laptop can prevent lot of damages which can happen to machine in future. Most of the times, a regular checkup and cleanliness of the computer extend the life of computer to very good extent. Still, sometimes machine needs doctor when it get stuck in major issues.

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