4 Charging Mistakes That Are Hampering Your Phone’s Battery

The most sensitive part of a mobile phone is its battery. A mobile phone with decent features is not good if it does not come with a durable battery life. In most cases, the battery life of a mobile phone depends on the users more than the mobile phone itself. Therefore, some of the major mistakes that we all commit while charging our mobile phones are mentioned in the below section.

1. Letting your phone die completely

If you are the type of person that waits for your mobile phone’s battery to die completely before you plugin the charger then your phone’s battery is in a serious danger of getting drained out too often. Apart from that, there is a possibility that your mobile battery will die completely very soon and you will have to get a new battery for your mobile phone. Therefore, before you wish your mobile phone battery to have a long life then you should totally charge your mobile phones before they die out completely. The simple reason behind the same is that the lithium ion battery that is present in most of the mobile phones becomes volatile as soon as it reaches the zero battery. A lot of instances have caused damage to Sony Xperia which requires immediate Sony Xperia repair.

2. Using wireless chargers

Wireless chargers may seem to be an incredible invention but they can harm your mobile phone’s battery to a great extent. These battery packs are undoubtedly life savers as they help you out when you need extended battery and when you are running out of battery. All such devices that store power within themselves generally tend to emanate heat which can surely damage your mobile phone’s battery to a limit that it will die in no time. Therefore, make sure that you use these devices only during the times of extreme emergency and not otherwise.

3. Charging your phone beyond 100%

On the contrary to the first point mentioned, it is important to charge your mobile phone battery to the fullest but it is also important to check that it does not get overcharged. A lot of instances from a lot of mobile phones have been reported where the battery even exploded as a consequence of overcharging. A lot of people have a habit of charging the mobile phones during the night while they sleep which will eventually lead to overcharging. Therefore, making sure that you turn off the charger once it completes 100% mark of charging is important.

4. Battery Overheating

A very important point to which nobody pays much attention is the temperature at which the mobile phone is stored. Sometimes, the temperatures are suitable for the human body but mobile phones work differently and therefore, a particular temperature might not suit a particular mobile phone. Therefore, making sure that your mobile phone is not overheated is an important point which should be considered.

The excerpt that is present in the blog contains some of the most crucial pieces of information that can work wonders for you to save your phone’s battery life. Following these above mentioned tip can save you a trip to the mobile phone repair center. Also, in case you’ve already committed these mistakes and have got your mobile phone battery damaged then visiting the budget computer is the best option for you as they have some insane deals on mobile phone repairs.

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