4 most common galaxy s8 problems

One of the most anticipated smartphone of samsung is finally released this year and no wonder it has gained the market it was expected to grab in earlier predictions. The edgy corners, infinity display, smooth interface has been appreciated by every single critic across the globe.

Galaxy series is one the best production of samsung till the date. Note 8 is already declared as a masterstroke of samsung, making it the first ever galaxy device to have dual camera at back. Whatever, samsung s8 is not much behind as it is the 2nd best galaxy or you may call the smartphone 2nd best device of the year.

it is been awhile since people are using s8 and unfortunately, there are some issues which can’t be ignored simply.
Let’s have a look at these issues and discuss the problem in detail :-

1. Placement of fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner is placed on a back side of the samsung galaxy s8 which is adjacent to camera. This is quite a weird innovation as people are finding feature of the smartphone disturbing as they have to touch several times in order to reach the scanner perfectly. You might end up touching camera many times and covering it with the moisture probably. There is even no fix to this problem, you will get better with the time and practice.

2. Face recognition lags

If you’re thinking to ditch fingerprint scanner and planning to protect the device with facial recognition. Then, here is the bad news samsung s8 face recognition is not smooth as much as you’re thinking it to be. People are complaining about the device not recognising face in once. They have to do several times from different angles for unlocking. Fix will be the update by samsung (hopefully it will come soon).

3. Wireless connectivity problem

I came across many users who are constantly complaining for samsung galaxy s8 wifi connectivity issue. As per the users, they say that sometimes wifi connectivity drops out on its own and then reappear all of the sudden after certain period of time.
Finally, samsung noticed this issue and provided update as a solution to the problem. Update your device and get rid of the issue now easily.

4. Red tint problem

In past few months, we have seen a rumour surrounding on internet that s8 display has red tinted shade in few devices. As per my opinion, i have not came across this situation with anyone’s samsung s8. Korean herald even published the article on this issue however, samsung has not confirmed this information yet. Still, you can adjust the color of display make it look reddish or bluish as per your choice. You will find this option in display icon within settings.

Most of the issues i mentioned above may get fixed by samsung by throwing an update shortly. Although, the device has some super magnificent features which worth all the money you spend on it.

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