4 things you should be doing to your computer on a regular basis

Machines play pivotal role in running our daily life smoothly. A single day without  computer stop everything around which our life revolves. If you want your computer to give better performance and stays for long amount of time with you then maintaining is the first thing you should start focusing on.

Let me put this in a most simple way, our body requires healthy treatment and care in order to keep us fit and away from doctors and hospitals. Same it is with the machine, you need to maintain it by providing the best from your side to keep the device in same health like you bought.  

Without delaying further, look at 4 things you need to start working on immediately to make your computer healthy as always :-

1. Create data backup

Do you remember the last time you created backup of your data? how many time you go through with the thought that your data is so important to you that it needs to backed up immediately? But still you ended up not making one. Let me tell you one thing clearly, once if your hard disk went corrupt, then it is almost impossible for you to take data out of it even we repair experts will find ourselves in trouble to do the job for you. Create backup of your documents on a regular basis to get rid of this tension once in for all. if you start doing that. Then, it will be our responsibility to make your ill computer fit and fine.

2. run antivirus scan

Every single computer is connected with internet nowadays, without internet i don’t think any of us can survive even a single day. But everything has its own pros and cons, yes!  Internet has too. Definitely it made our life much more easier but it also consist of viruses that can stick to your computer very easily anytime. Do make sure that you scan your computer daily to be aware about the viruses which may get attached to any file or document of your pc. Turn your antivirus notification on for better safety.

3. Update every single software

Check for updates, it is very essential to update every single software that pops up on your desktop in need of same. Most of us usually ignore update of windows software and hardware just because of our habit of ignoring updation. Updates are essential because it come up with new features and improvisation of lags. Updation can make your machine faster and smoother than it is.

4. Clean dust

Wipe of dust from your computer to prevent it from catching heat inside the body. Once dust enters your pc, then it becomes easy for computer to heat the things quickly which ultimately result in shorter life span and low quality performance.  Heating problem is not always cause due to the dust, some other things can also end up resulting in same. If cleaning wouldn’t do the job for you. then, bring your computer to our experts for better solution of it. Heating can cause some major problems to your pc such as explosion of battery or damaged motherboard.

Every issue in computer is not all your fault. Machine is something that can damage anytime, anywhere without giving any prior notice. But it is your job to take your device to our computer repair shop immediately when you find observe any default in it.

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