5 most exciting features of ios 11 you should know before update

Recently apple released three upcoming iphone details in a press launch. But it seems so many people are debating about the price apple tagged for the devices. Thus, there is always an alternative, in this case we have an option of upgrading our iphone to ios 11 to treat our eyes with some new interface and features that are sent by apple lately.

ios 11 is considered as one of the biggest and best update till the date in no amount. The time update is sent by Apple, people start talking about how worthy ios update actually is Probably lot of voices coming in your mind from social media or through your friends and you are probably in trouble within your head should i upgrade or not?

This article is not about making up your mind about updation or anything. All i’am going to talk about the features ios 11 introduced, that you should know before you come to any conclusion.

Here are 5 exciting features of ios 11 you should be aware about before you make a decision for your apple device :-

1. Customize control center

This is one of the biggest change apple users ever come across in context of its control center. Now instead of keeping control center in a small box at a bottom of screen, apple gave the control center a full page. The users also have a option to customize the things little bit. night shift control is also relocated from its place.

2. Connect to wifi easily

Whenever you have friends or cousins visit at home, you can simply share your wifi password by just holding your device right next to them. This feature is for all ios 11 users of ipad, iphone and macbook.

3. Siri got smarter

Siri became more smarter than she was. Now you can even ask siri for translations that can be done from english to mandarin, french, italian, spanish.Though siri can do more than just a talk now. The chat feature is enabled by ios 11 where you can easily turn on this feature by going to general > accessibility > siri > type siri. This increases chances of siri doing the same thing you asked for.

4. Dnd while driving

Ios 11 will automatically detect when you are driving and disable the notifications from popping up on screen. It can also reply by itself to specific contacts if you want.

5. Apple music as a social app

Now users can create profile on apple music, follow their friends, share playlist with them as well as see music they listen to the most. Apple music social events notification will also be sent.

Most of time updates always come up with something new that makes our device more smooth and better than it is with current version. Rarest of rarest time it happens when update bring lot more problem than we are facing with current ios version. But still decision is all what you want to with your device. Tell us more about what you think about the current update right in comment section below.

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