5 misconception of phone repair

Our lives revolve around smartphone, a single thought of damage even for a second make a mess inside our brain. I heard people and their “myths” about the repair industry and repairing process.

The technology has gone too far in recent times, the advancement not just improved the efficiency and way of doing. But it also increased the competition in market as the same business within the market is growing rapidly.

When it comes to repairing of the smartphone most of us give our first thought to service centre of the device. Most of the times they ask for a amount which you can’t afford or directly suggest replace.

Now, this is the point where people get confused and rumours begin to grow in mind on  should I prefer repair shop or not?

Without adding further to this, let’s take a look at 5 most common misconceptions about phone repairing.

1. Only certified service centre can fix my cell phone

This is not true at all! Nobody needs certification or a brand name to repair the device appropriately. Anyone can control the smartphone and get it fix if he/she has right knowledge and resources. It’s not necessary that only apple or samsung repair centres are capable of doing job. You just need the technician who has precise understanding of the problem.

I’m not saying every single repair shop out there in market is good or consisting experts. Before visiting, do research and see reviews of customers who already dealt with them at least once or twice.

2. Third party repair will void the warranty

If you are owning samsung or apple device and you damaged your phone screen completely or any other part of the device physically. Then, you already void the warranty of smartphone. In case, you go to service centre for solution they probably suggest you to replace the device or tell you the amount of money in which you can buy a new device.

3. It cost too much money

Having an expensive smartphone of samsung and apple doesn’t implies that repairing would also cost you too much money. Repair shops prices differ from problem to problem even they are flexible with their prices as they sometimes reduce the labour charges. The negotiation is impossible when getting your cell phone fixed from their respective brands but quite possible in case of outside. Replacement suggestion by service centre is anytime expensive than the repairing from outside.

4. No guarantee from outside

It is not necessary that you will get guarantee from service centre for the repaired or replaced part. As it all depends on the part of the device which needs to change or changed. Sometimes, the outside repair shop also provide warranty of the part which is replaced by them for certain period of time. This warranty only stays when nothing is done by you intentionally or unintentionally to device in between.

5. No experts in repair shops

I have heard people who have never even went to repair shop or experienced it but still saying that repair shops do not have experts that can fix the smart phone problem. The people who are working in repair shops are qualified technicians who knows how to deal with the problem. Most importantly, cut throat competition and a rivalry with the service centre’s  encourage them to work hard and best in order to build a faithful relationship with the customers.

There are so many mobile repair services available in the market that are offering wide range of solutions in affordable prices. Still, same what i mentioned above in article that before visiting or giving your cell phone for repair look for reviews and opinion by customers about the shop.

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