6 Smart Tips to keep your Smartphone Virus free

Smartphones are one of essential asset for everyone nowadays. With the help of broad range of smartphones and mobile devices, you can carry your entire world in your pocket. The safety and security of your smartphone should be one of your major concern. Even if your smartphone is equipped with the updated version of antivirus program and other security measures, chances are there it can still get infected. This is because the important files, images and documents etc, stored inside your smartphone can be deleted or destroyed permanently due to virus.
Virus is a frightening word that fills terror in everyone’s mind. It can harm your phone as much it can harm computers, PC’s and laptops. Whether you have an android smartphone or any other, virus can easily attack any of them. The best option to prevent these scams is very simple – don’t let anyone touch your smartphone.

We have described six additional ways that can help you keeping your smartphone virus free.

1. Check the Reviews

Whenever you download any app, make sure you go through the review first and then continue. Any app which is reported with any kind of virus can be found easily from its review and ratings on various forums and websites. If you find majority of negative feedback from the reviews on any application, it’s better to avoid installing it.

2. Install Antivirus Software

Unknowingly you can have a virus in the app you have install. It is important to have a working antivirus software running on your smartphone. By using an outdated antivirus software you are putting your phone in danger. You can find many of free and paid antivirus application online, you just have to install on your smartphone.

3. Scan your Phone Regularly

To keep your smartphone secure and safe from viruses and other malware attacks, you should scan your smartphone at least twice a week. This reduces the chance of virus attack on your phone. If you already have an anti virus software installed, some viruses can still be there. Scanning your phone regularly can keep it virus free and catch viruses that may accidently slip onto your mobile phone.

4. Don’t share Memory Cards

People often exchange memory card among their friends circles because of many reasons like sharing or taking files, songs images etc. Beware while doing this as the memory card you insert in your mobile phone may contain virus.

5. Backup your Data

It is important to backup all of the data and information stored on your smartphone such as images, documents and contacts. You can store these files on your laptop, storage card or in the Cloud storage. This allows you easily restore the information and data back to your phone in case it is stolen, lost or erased.

6. Download from Trusted Sources

Before installing an application, conduct research to make sure that the application is legal or not. If you are not sure about a file or attachment, delete it right away. Many applications or files (videos/audios) from untrusted or unknown sources contain virus that once downloaded can steal data, install virus and cause harm to your smartphone’s contents.
You should always be prepared about the above mentioned tips to keep your smartphone virus free. To know more about the range of electronics repair services offered at Budget Computer’s contact our team today !

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