6 Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone

Smartphones are one of the most widely used gadgets today. Almost everyone today uses a smartphone. With smartphones getting more high-end specs day by day, many of the other gadgets of our life are getting obsolete. With more and more companies flocking the smartphone market the customers are getting huge options to choose from.

The smartphone is now one in all gadget. Carrying it makes you carry a number of gadgets in one go saving time, space and money. This also increases work efficiency and speed. It is therefore very important to garner more and more from your smartphone.

Here are 6 simple tricks to make the most use of your smartphone.

     1. Keep Your Smartphone Updated

SmartPhone update

It’s very important that you keep not only your apps but also the OS version updated. Many a time it may happen that certain apps stop functioning without its latest version installed. The best way to do is to keep the auto update feature turned on in your smartphone’s app store be it Google play store etc.

Sometimes OS providers send updates which require a manual update. It is therefore, essential to check for regular updates for manual and auto updates.

     2.Don’t Use Your Smartphone While Charging

Smartphone charger

One of the most commonly suggested measures to make the most of your smartphone but avoided by almost all. This simple measure is advised because of the safety and longevity of your smartphone.

Most android based smartphones use Li-Ion battery. The li-Ion battery has been tested to malfunction on being used in charging mode. Its perishes at a rapid pace as the charge is not made to stay and use simultaneously.to make the most use of your smartphone the battery must remain for a long time and leaving it while charging is an effective way of doing so.

     3. Using Memory Management Software

A memory management software can be easily downloaded for free or minimal cost into your smartphone for expanding memory of your smartphone. These programs basically defragment your hard drive creating space from the unused parts of the the phone. This also speeds up smartphone processor making it execute functions more rapidly.

     4. Clearing the Cache

Keep calm & clear chache

Surfing the internet is one of the most used feature in a smartphone. Even other apps contribute to cache storage as using the internet for long period of time which also leads to clogging up of space in the phone memory. It also leads to stopping of various functions which depends on the space of a smartphone.

Frequently cleaning the cache is important therefore for maintaining  enough space in your smartphone especially the browser cache and memory cache.

     5. Syncing Up With Google

Keeping a backup of all your files, contacts and documents is crucial to the safety of your phone. Smartphones contain almost every important document a person has. To have an added advantage for storage you can sync up your files with your google account. Its stores your information on the cloud storage provided with regular updating the new files. This helps a lot to make use of your smartphone with or without an external storage.

     6. Save the Screen

The touchscreen is one of the most important parts of your smartphone after the battery and processor. Though with newer versions of screen protectors it is easy to safeguard your screen. Other ways to increase the longevity of your smartphone is to use external input devices.


A mini bluetooth enabled keyboard can be used for this purpose as excessive usage of the screen with fingers allows it to get roughed up and sometimes non responsive.

There are many smartphone manufacturers in the business now. Among all of them Apple and Samsung have the most number of customers using their smartphones. Still a number of places do not have customer support for these phones.

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