7 Reasons To Choose Certified Repair Company For Your Samsung Mobile

Samsung is the company that has led the Android revolution throughout the world, and is the closest competitor to Apple as far as the phone market is concerned. Samsung mobiles are known for their durability. Moreover,  a Samsung phone is very hard to break as compared to other android phones and iPhones.

Samsung has certified service centres in almost every major city of almost every major country, but for some reason people still go for cheaper options. What they don’t realise that it backfires in the long run.

Samsung Mobile Repair

It is best to repair your Samsung phone from an authorised service point, and here are 7 reasons why:

1. Genuine parts:

If your phone needs any parts to be replaced, then it is always better to buy original and authentic Samsung products rather than third party spare parts which are cheap. Samsung parts provide better performance and longer life times as compared to their cheaper alternatives, which ensures that your mobile runs smoothly.

2. Accessory Support:

At an authorised repair shop, you can even get Samsung accessories, such as earphones and chargers, repaired and replaced. Very few retailers offer Samsung Accessories Repair, and they will most likely replace it with an alternative which can easily be identified as counterfeit.

3. Risk:

Once you submit your phone at a certified Samsung repair shop near you, you hand over the responsibility to the people at the centre. On the other hand, if you give it to a local repairman, you carry the risk of the phone in your own hands. The local repairman will shrug his shoulders in case something goes wrong during repair, however professionals will ensure that the phone in their custody is handed over in perfectly fine condition.

4. Guarantee:

Samsung service centres provide guarantee and warranty for any parts replaced or added to your phone. In case the new part also malfunctions, the part is replaced again for free if it is in the warranty period. No such promise will be given by a repair person who isn’t authorised with the company, and in case the new part goes bad, you will have to spend money twice to get it fixed again.

5. Time frame:

These professionals get their job done within a fixed timeframe, so you know they haven’t just kicked their boots and relaxed for days while your phone lay there. A local repair person has no such responsibility to do so, and will take as much time as they want to give you back your phone.

6. Expert service:

Sometimes, what you think may not be the case, and you may not need to spend all the money you think you have to. Experts at these certified repair shops will tell you exactly what is the issue with your phone is, and sometimes it is the easier alternative. Non – genuine repair centres will seldom do this, as they want to con you off your money.

7. It might prove to be costly:

A faulty wire or a improperly connected battery will have much more lethal consequences than just a slow phone – improper wiring might even make your mobile to stop working altogether, or in rare cases, blast or catch fire due to sparking.

To ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones, take out some time and shell some extra money by going to a genuine repair centre. It will be worth every penny you will spent. So, Contact us immediately!


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