8 Reasons To Update Your Iphone With iOS 10

iOS 10 was released by apple in september, 2016. This release was considered as the largest overhauls from the company. Being the most awaited update, iOS 10 came with dozens of features. Market and customers were buzzing about its new features. More than 50% of the users updated their device with the new iOS 10 in less than 1 month after the launch.

8 Reasons To Update Your Iphone

If you have not yet upgraded to this amazing operating system, then, let’s take a look at its features:

1. 3D Touch for better usability
iOS allows you to use the 3D touch feature. If you ‘press long’ on the screen, a shortcut will pop out. The shortcut will provide the frequently used apps making it efficient to use.

2. Clears notification easily
Initially, you had to clear notifications one by one. But with updated iOS, you can clear notifications in bulk. A button with ‘X’ sign is there to slide the notification aside at a time. Though, there is a feature to remove notification one by one.

3.Customized read receipts
This new feature makes text life totally relaxed. It allows you to turn on/off the read receipts in each iMessage conversation. You can customise it according to your preference. This feature allows you to manage who can see whether you have read a message or not.

4. iMessaging gets better
iMessage became better with the introduction of iOS 10. With this new feature, you can customise the text size, interesting emojis, drawing message and even screen effects of your message.

5. Siri is smarter now
Siri has become much casual and cooler than ever. If you don’t use siri much, with this new update you’ll crave to use it continuously. For example, you can request siri to book a cab and notify you about the cab driver’s details.

6. Preloaded apps can be deleted
This is undoubtedly the most requested update, apple has come up with. This new feature enables you to delete the preloaded apps as well. You don’t have to make a folder of unused apps like iTunes U, stocks among others. You need to simply delete them if they are not being used.

7. Convenient music storage

Everyone is usually running out of space. This newly added feature allows you to choose the amount of space you require for the music. If it exceeds the limit, the songs not being listened frequently will be automatically deleted.

8. Snooze along the bedtime App

You can set a bedtime for yourself and according to the alarm, it will keep a record of your sleep. This app comes with a very dim screen so that it can be used at night without any disturbance.

Apple has truly innovated its service with this new update. It is known for continuous consistency and rich performance. This new feature definitely scores high and you should instantly upgrade your phone in case, you haven’t done it yet. If you come across any problem regarding your iPhone, contact us anytime to get it fixed at affordable price.







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