Computer Should Repair or Replace In Hamilton

One of the most frequent question we have asked by our customers is always been what to do? Should i replace my computer or repair it?. The most frustrating part of technology is that it can stop working at any point of time without giving us even a little idea about the reason of its failure.

We are often confuse about what is the need of machine right now? Although, we give our most to maintain this computer best as possible. but simply we lack due to its unpredictable nature of causing sudden problem to itself.

Now, how to decide when it is in need of replace or when it require repair right? Nobody wants to spend their money and time at computer repair shop daily.

Through this article, i’am going to clear all your doubts, you are having in your mind regarding your computer problems :-

How old is your computer ?

Older machine tends to create problem after certain amount of time and then reaches to the point where no repairing can fix the machine for long smooth running of it. Now how to decide machine is too old to use? Most of the people consider machine is older, when it past 5 or 7 years of continue usage in a frequent manner by owner. But it doesn’t signify that machine is mandatory to replace after 7 years of its job. It totally depends on how computer is been maintained by user, if it is carried out well then the problem can be fixed.

You can even contact us for an advice, we will definitely guide you in right direction for your pc.

Major issues

If some problem got into your motherboard or any major component of cpu. Then, try to replace it instead of repairing. But that doesn’t imply every issue is major when comes to these components of pc. Here we try to provide our best as possible to repair the device in least price instead of advising our customer to spend 800$ in buying of new computer. Issues can be resolved if the device fall in right hands. Still if we find something not worthy to repair, we just give suggestion to our customer to go for new one instead of spending money on repairing.


With time our requirements and needs changes according to what situation demands.may be you purchased your computer during the days of your college or school when it was all about using ms office and watching movies etc, but now it is more than that and you require hardware upgrade for the same. Most of the hardware requirements can be upgraded if it is possible to made, but in laptop it is difficult to do customization as it it restricted to only some parts. You can still ask our experts for what purpose you want to customize your computer or making you think to buy one. They will suggest you best either you should buy one or customize it instead.

As we say always “more you maintain less you’ll spend on”. It always depends on how well you take care of your machine. It can even last to 10 years perfectly with some small repairing just by doing what i said “maintainance”. Contact our experts to obtain better advice regarding to your computer problem,  you can write down your queries right in comment section below or through writing email to us.

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