Samsung galaxy s6 edge : what curved screen means

Finally, Samsung decided to change the game by modifying design of the smartphone  adding edge on both side of the device. The edge version is not only different in context to design but it is whole new experience to one who moved to curve for the very first time.

If you are a iphone user and thinking to move on samsung for its s6 edge then it can be considered as a good move towards upgradation. So the real question is, why samsung decided to replace its slim and sleek metallic design with edge?

The answer is real simple, s6 edge display offers more than a stylish look and it is also consist of some extra and useful features.

Here are 4 things that you can actually do with edge which none other device supports :-

1. People on edge

This is one of the feature of edge which can only utilized to its most when screen is awake. So this is what it does, you have an option of adding 5 top most contacts of your phone on edge and add different colors to each contact in order to know which one called or message. This help you to differentiate between your mom and your best friend. The white line at top also give access to call anyone immediately  without opening contacts app.

2. Lightening response

This is the one that note edge can’t offer. You can use this features only when the people mentioned above are combined with lighting and both selected. If you’re busy and you don’t want to make your friend or family tensed then you have option of quick reply simply by pressing heart sensor for 2 seconds. To turn On this feature, head towards settings and go to edge lighting. It can even work when phone screen is turned over the table.

3. Push notifications

This is the most simplest and amazing feature of s6 edge, you can push notification of any type either it is message, call, email push it towards edge screen. To utilize the feature Head to settings> edge screen> turn off or on three notifications options.

4. Set night clock

Another smart feature of samsung galaxy s6 edge is night clock. You can utilize night clock feature on edge without awakening main screen same time. Set the night clock and it will light up when you slightly swipe the edge from your finger. It can only be set up to 12 hours, if you’re worried about battery loss then it is capable of automatically turning off the clock as soon as battery reach 15 percent.

Samsung always believes in bringing innovative change to its smart devices. The innovation of s6 edge clearly indicating towards advancement of technology. The smart device not just hold speciality in curve but it also has super fast processor, amazing camera and great speakers.

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