Shield Your Smartphones From Getting Hacked Or Damaged

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone and stores lots of data in it. People want to keep the latest gadget in their pocket. The modern technology such as cloud computing lets people store their entire data in their phones. It is accessible in just a click away.

While keeping a phone makes everything convenient, if you don’t manage your data properly, you are susceptible to device’s hacking. Most of the  people have lost important and confidential personal data by giving an easy access of data to the hackers. This unethical practice of hackers has affected millions of users every day.

There are simple precautions that one needs to take in order to keep the data secured. Following are some of the simple solutions:

1. Maintain privacy: Your account ID and password are confidential and must not be shared with people. If you have revealed your login information to others, it gives an easy access to people into your account, so keep your login credentials a secret. You should avoid the practice of noting down your passwords anywhere as they become accessible to others in that case. If you are noting it down, make sure the credentials are written and stored a private place.

2. Routine check – ups: In a span of few days, you must keep changing the passwords of all your accounts. It is a good practice because changing your passwords regularly makes it tough for a hacker to invade your account. Your passwords should be strong and not as obvious as your date of birth or your name.

3. Maintain variety: While using the same password for multiple accounts seems to be a bit easier option and reduces the amount of burden, it is also a gateway for the hackers to steal your password. By keeping the same passwords of your multiple accounts, you allow someone to access every other account easily. You must use different passwords to make it tricky for the hacker to guess.

4. Keep your phone with you: The easiest way of hacking relies on negligence. Keep an eye for people use your phone and how easily they can sniff out private data from it. Download locker applications which keep your data locked and hidden from people using your phone. These apps can be viewed and modified by you only by keeping them password protected. You should not lend your phone to anyone who isn’t trustworthy. If you have to give your phone to someone like, a friend or for mobile repairs, make sure to take a backup of data. After extracting the data, you must erase your entire data stored in the phone before handing it over.

5. Never forget to logout: Most of the times, people make an obvious mistake of keeping the account logged in while using a public computer. They have to pay heavily for this act.Even while using your own computer, log out of all your accounts once the work is done. Obviously, logging in over and again is quite tiresome, but, it adds an extra layer of security. In case, you are using a public computer, do not forget to logout of all accounts. You must also remember to delete any personal or confidential data that you have downloaded from the internet. To know more about the tips to keep your device from being hacked, you can get in touch with us!

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