smartphone overheating problems and solutions

smartphone overheating problems and solutions

Samsung LG Motorola Sony are without a doubt one of the best phone in industry. smartphone overheating problems and solutions Some issues can occur any time no matter how great a device is. One of the issues many users complained about is overheating, which is one of the most common ones. You can bring your device to Budget computer, 85 Victoria Street hamilton, to fix most of the overheating problems within reasonable prices. The excessive heat can cause permanent damage to your device. In case of iphone, it’s easy to know because when phone starts overheating it will show warning message that “the iphone needs to cool down before you can use it”. Now we will give you idea how you can discover your android phone overheating problem.

There are some symptoms that will indicate your phone getting hot.

  • Phone overheating, won’t turn on, not charging.

  • Phone gets hot, turns off itself and doesn’t turn back on

  • Phone starts overheating after software update

  • Phone heat up while installing some apps

smartphone overheating problems and solutions

smartphone overheating problems and solutions

The first thing that we want to recommend you try to find out the area of your phone that seems to be getting hot. According to that you can get idea could be the charger or the battery that’s having problems or something else. If Back of cell phone getting hot, then it could be just the battery within the phone can cause not the cell phone. Replacing a defective battery is going to be much more affordable. Bottom of the phone gets warm near around you plug in the charger. Might be the problem with the charger, try different chargers. On the other side, If it’s not the battery or charger then we have to check some more things. Phone Screen seems to be getting warm or hot then there is an issue with the cell phone itself. There are some good information on same topic smatphone overheating problems and solutions read here 

There are some Simple Fix for Android phone Overheating Issue, or mobile phone overheating repair

  • Clear cache data

  • Wipe cache partition

  • Boot into safe mode and disable disruptive apps

  • Restart your phone multiple times

  • Update apps

  • Remove battery draining apps

  • Factory reset your phone

smartphone overheating problems and solutions

smartphone overheating problems and solutions

Android phone overheating issue arises due to quite a few factors:

  • The less free space will be available because more data saved in the device, which will result in an overheating Android phone/tablet to a certain degree.
  • Battery can cause of overheating when some apps which drain the battery’s power fast and also heats up the smart phone.
  • There are a few other reasons too like don’t overcharge your phones. This may not Only cause the battery to heat up but rarely explode too.
  • Keep your phones away from sunlight that can be one reason. Beaches are also a danger zone for the phones because of water, sand and sunlight.
  • Always Buy Original Parts, Especially the phone Batteries and activate the Battery Saver Mode.
  • Do not turn on GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth at

If any of the above didnt work and your mobile phone still overheating either samsung phone, lg phone, iphone, motorola or sony still overheating bring it to budget computer hamilton and get your smartphone overheating problem fixed professionally or call 078394111 for a quote or send us query here.

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