How To Extend The Life Of Your Computer



Computers are a long time investment. To take proper care of it is essential as computers are not inexpensive. Computer forms an important part of our daily life and proper maintenance is required to keep intact its longevity.

In this blog, we will tell you how you can extend the life of your computer-

  1. Keep the PC clean

The way humans get dirty due to dust, dirt, and population, the computer to becomes dirty due to dust, debris, hairball etc. So, it is your first duty to keep it clean and sparkling.Depending on the surroundings you should clean the computer. For example, if your home is near the roadside, it is likely to become dirtier, and the need for cleaning will occur more often.

  1. Allow the PC to breathe

The way ventilation is required for keeping a room cool and airy, similarly, computers need space to breathe. Ensure that the CPU gets enough air and do not place it inside a cabinet or a closed enclosure.

  1. Do not turn it on off unnecessarily

Often it happens that we do not have the patience to shut down the computer and just directly switch off the main switch. This is very harmful to the computer. Even if you are away for some time and in between continuously putting it on and off, it reduces the lifespan of the computer. Sudden heating and cooling directly impact the device. So, the trick is to maintain a balance.

  1. Use surge protectors

During bad weather conditions and power cuts there arises the risk of computers getting damaged. This happens because the continuous fluctuation in power upsets the device. Surges or spikes puts stress on the computer and there have been cases when it has completely damaged the computer and its other components.

  1. Keep your computer updated and use anti-virus

Malware can cause serious trouble to your computer. So, use anti-viruses to keep a regular check on all kinds of malware and trojans and keep them at bay. Also, look for updates and always keep your computer updated.

  1. Do not try the DIY

The do it yourself trick can be beneficial in some cases, but not always. If you are experiencing any problem with your computer do not try to fix it yourself as it can do more harm than good. The best thing in such a case is to take your device to the Hamilton computer stores for repair.

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