Hacks To Preserve The Longevity Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

Smartphones have become a necessity of today’s life. One cannot imagine a day without the smartphone! From social media to instant messaging apps to Googling information, smartphones are the handiest product for people of all generations. But one does not really like charging the smartphone every now and then. It so happens often that even after charging properly the battery level goes down. So, what to do to preserve the longevity of the battery?

Below are the following hacks which you can try to save your smartphone battery.

  1. Dim the brightness

We all love the colorful display of the phone. But, did you know that the display consumes a large portion of the battery? So, what you should do is dim the brightness or set your phone to the auto brightness mode which will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness. This will use less power and hence save the battery to a great extent.

  1. Set a short screen timeout

Set a short screen timeout for your phone like say 10 secs or 30 secs. If you are not using it and the display is on, then it will be consuming more charge. Hence, the trick is to set auto lock when not in use.


  1. Turn off Wifi or 4g internet

People often have a habit of keeping the Wifi or 4g internet on even when they are not using it. It consumes the charge and drains the battery fast. To increase the longevity of your smartphone battery, make sure to turn off any feature that continuously searches for signals like Bluetooth, Wifi or 3g 4g internet when you are not using it.

  1. Do not put your phone on vibration mode

One often does not prefer their phones ringing when they are in public spaces or in office. So, they set it on vibration mode. But, did you know that the vibration mode uses more power than playing the ringtone? It is because the whole phone rotates when someone calls you, thereby consuming more power.

  1. Turn off unnecessary notifications

If the internet is left on on the phone, there are continuous updates, messages, notifications and other information making its way on your phone. This mainly happens because when we download an app we give certain permissions which are the roots of these notifications. When such a notification comes, the phone blinks and the LED continues to blink which consumes power. So, what you need to do is turn off unnecessary notifications that will eliminate needless distractions and save the battery as well.
These are a just the basic things to keep in mind while using smartphones so that you can save the battery and increase its longevity. If you have not yet followed these steps and encountered problems with the smartphones, visit a phone repair store. The professional phone and computer repairs in Hamilton are equipped with expert professionals and the necessary equipment to fix all your smartphone issues in a short span of time.

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